• July 2018:  Congratulations to Gang and team for their PNAS paper!


  • June 2018:  Congratulations to Kohta, who received a Pre-career award from the Department of Medicine!


  • June 2018:  Congratulations to Tania, who is now an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at NYU!


  • May 2018:  Congratulations to Julien, who was just awarded a grant from the Potts Memorial Foundation!


  • May 2018:  Congratulations to Sarah, who was just awarded a F31 NIH pre-doctoral fellowship!


  • March 2018:  Congratulations to Tania, Ben and crew for their ACS Infectious Diseases review!!

               ACS Infectious Diseases

  • January 2018:  Congratulations to Shashi and crew for their European Journal of Immunology paper!!

               Eur J Immunology

  • January 2018:  Congratulations of Elaine, who defended her thesis and graduated!  Yay Dr. Ballinger!!


  • December 13, 2017:  Ben will participate in a TB Drug Accelerator webinar hosted by Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD)


  • November 2017:  Congratulations to Gang and team for their Nature Communications paper!

              Nature Communications

  • September 2017:  Congratulations to Julien and team for their mBio paper!


  • July 2017:  Congratulations to Shashi, who was selected as one of the 2017 NYAS SALT fellows!

               NYAS SALT fellows              

  • July 2017:  Carl's Kunkel lecture essay has been published at JEM.  Congrats Carl!

               Kunkel lecture essay

  • June 2017:  Carl gives a webinar on Tuberculosis for Medicinal Chemists

               ACS webinar

  • June 2017:  Congratulations to Gang, who was awarded the Daedalus Fund for Innovation for his work on proteasome inhibitors!


  • June 2017:  Congratulations to Tamu, who was recently featured in Dartmouth Medicine Magazine!  Tamu was a research assistant in the lab. 

               Dartmouth Medicine Magazine

  • June 2017:  Congratulations to Li, who was recently awarded a CRI fellowship!


  • May 2017:  Congratulations to Shashi, who recently successfully defended her thesis and graduated - yay Dr. Mundhra! 
  • May 2017:  Congratulations to Li, who was just awarded a grant from the Potts Memorial Foundation!!


  • May 2017:  Congratulations to Kohta, Thulasi and team for their PNAS paper!


  • Carl and the Nathan lab are featured online on the Cornell Research page:

               Immune system and Infectious Disease feature

               Cornell Research link

  • Congratulations on Gang who was awarded an R21 grant!


  • Read about recent changes at JEM in: A time of change


  • Congratulations to Gang and team for TWO recent publications!



  • Congratulations to Kohta, Thulasi and Carl for their recent editorial!


  • Congratulations to Ben and team for the JOVE video!


  • Congratulations to Tania and team for their PNAS paper!


  • Congratulations to Kohta, who recently received a grant from the Potts Memorial Foundation!


  • Congratulations to Ben, who was recently promoted to Associate Professor!


  • Congratulations to Gang and team for their ChemMedChem Communications paper!


  • Congratuations to Thulasi and team for their PNAS paper and commentary!



  • Congratulations to Shashi who was selected to give an oral presentation at the 2016 Regeneron Science to Medicine Forum


  • Congratulations to the "Gold"en team for their J Med Chem paper and commentary!

                     J Med Chem


  • Carl discusses the Resistance Movement: LINK


  • Congratulations to Carl, who was recently elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences! 


  • Congratulations to Carl, who celebrated 30 years at Weill Cornell with a symposium in his honor, "Infection, Inflammation and Immunity:  Fifty Years of Lessons from interferon-gamma"


  • Several of our researchers and colleagues visited GHESKIO in Haiti in early January.  Below is a picture.